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Personal Financial Statement


Applicant's Income

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Family/Estate Coverage (Loan)
In the event of death during the term, which would you prefer?  (Check one) A. Estate and/or family responsible B. Loan is paid in full providing a free and to pay remaining loan obligation to
Credit/Lifestyle Coverage (Payment)
In the event of sickness or injury during the term of this loan, preventing you from working which would you prefer: ( Check one) A. To still be obligated to make your ( B)  Payment obligations made to scheduled payments from personal resources .  Yes : Financial institution on your behalf.

I state that all information above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.I am authorizing this dealer and any affiliated credit agency or financial institution to conduct an investigation
into my credit and employment history. My signature is an acceptance in writing to authorize the obtaining and releasing of all relevant and appropriate information required by this application.

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